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Buy a set of 5 cards
Buy a set of 5 cards
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TRIGGER A REINCARNATION MEMORY! What will Reincarnation Cards reveal to YOU about your past or even future life? It costs just $2 to see what YOUR reincarnation memory may be!


When you click “Buy Now”, a random selection of 5 Reincarnation Cards will be chosen.  A reproduction of these 5 cards (one from each category) and their explanatory essays will be available as downloads from your shopping cart. 

You may open and save them right onto your computer enabling you to evoke a possible far memory right away! (You will not receive any items by post. This purchase is for 5 downloadable cards and their explanatory essays).


You may return to your shop account and download the reproduction of your 5 card selection and accompanying essays.  Log in to your account at any time to view your downloads.


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