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Your Far Memory purchase explained
Your purchase explained.

When you go to the shop to 'trigger your far memory', for $2 you will be purchasing 5 downloadable cards, 1 from each of the 5 categories. Each card is accompanied with an explanatory essay that clearly explains the meaning of the card. Together the 5 cards may trigger a far memory.

The cards will be available for you to view on your desktop simply by clicking on them. They will also be placed in the 'download' section of your shopping cart. You can return at any time and download as many copies as you wish.

You are not purchasing 5 physical cards and no cards will be despatched to you. If you wish to buy the BOOK & CARD SET, please click one of the links below. You can buy the Awakening Far Memory Card and Book Set through Amazon USA and AMAZON UK or through one of our approved distributors.

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Click the image below to 'trigger a far memory' from our shop!

trigger a far memory