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"Gentle Past Life Help" by Fahrusha, Weblog, 27 Feb. 2013

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FEBRUARY 2008 : 
 Reincarnation Cards®: Awakening Far Memory by John M. Knowles & Linda Leblanc

Not a game, but rather a serious research tool to accelerate spiritual growth. The aim of the authors in their own words is: " to attract and to provide a research tool for people who are interested in the reincarnation phenomenon, for reasons of personal curiosity;  and, on a deeper level, to satisfy those who are genuinely looking for understandable answers to ultimate philosophical questions.

All such questions are answered in the final chapter, The Secret (a great piece of insight!), and in the quotations on unnumbered page 168, as well as in the Glossary. In the Foreword, Stanley Krippner, professor of Transpersonal Psychology, called it, inter alia, a "stunning consciousness-expanding work". 

He also described the Glossary as "an education in itself". It took the authors four long years of study, research and hard work, to bring this project to fruition. They had been Arcturus Books clients for almost two decades, and they found, at least in part, many sources for their research and inspiration, through many of Arcturus's books.

The research and studies that went into this work are self-evident and so the cards become a great tool for those who are seriously studying the subject of reincarnation as well as Metaphysics and spiritual knowledge. Curious and seeker of Truth as I am, I've been having a great time with these cards, both using my inquisitive mind and, on the other hand, sharing them with friends, since they can be entertaining and fun, at the same time that it leads you to deepen your own search for answers to those important subjects.

So if you are a little bit like me, you will find them very interesting and a tool for learning too!  $34.95

The set of 5 cards
environment cards culture cards theme cards termination cards occupation cards

                Environment                         Culture                          Theme                         Termination                        Occupation