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New Insights on Reincarnation Research

 Ger Maa Publishers, July 2011

          Polls indicate that about one-quarter of Americans believe in reincarnation and, generally speaking, this interest seems to be widespread throughout Europe as well.  For those with an interest in this fascinating field of study, there is now available a research tool designed to enable readers to conduct their own research into memories of other incarnations.

         Written and inspired at least in part by the psychic environment of the historic Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Reincarnation Cards® — Awakening Far Memory was authored by John Knowles, M.A., and his wife, Linda Leblanc, who have lived in Paphos since 1989.  The gift quality book and card set comprises 61 professionally illustrated, colour reincarnation memory trigger cards and a stunning gold-stamped hardcover instruction book-cum-metaphysical treatise, Awakening Far Memory.  The 204-page hardcover book and card set is specially designed to evoke intuitional glimpses into other so-called incarnations, past and future.  The set depicts diverse historical cultures, environments, occupations and manner of termination, supplemented by detailed instructions on how the cards are to be used to recall such 'far memories' by following a carefully designed system embedded within this set. 

            Reincarnation Cards — Awakening Far Memory is not a fortune-telling set or a game.  It is a serious, patent-pending, self-directed research tool, a “far-memory recovery” apparatus for personal awareness training.  Its ultimate purpose is to accelerate the development of the user’s metaphysical and spiritual understanding through the greater knowledge and insight to be derived from having ever more free access to his or her personal history through the incarnations.   The set is designed to evoke intuitional insights into incarnations and to lead to direct experience of the oceanic consciousness.  

            It unites ancient wisdom and quantum metaphysics both to enable users to investigate the reincarnation phenomenon for personal curiosity and to satisfy those who seriously seek answers to ultimate philosophical questions. 

            The Reincarnation Cards website (www.reincarnationcards.com) features plenty of information about the card set and book and even provides the possibility to experience an online reading of a randomly selected spread of the Reincarnation Cards. 

            Knowles, a Canadian metaphysicist and parapsychologist, is a lifelong student of philosophy following a life-transforming mystical experience at the age of eight. A retired career public servant, his philosophical essays have appeared in British, American and Cypriot journals.

            Leblanc accompanied her husband in his assignments around the world with the United Nations. Both a lecturer and a writer, her articles have appeared in magazines and publications in Cyprus and the USA.  In 1999, Knowles and Leblanc founded PSYCHOGNOSIA, a not-for-profit organization based in Paphos for the study and the dissemination of scientifically accurate information on the paranormal (www.psychognosia.org).  Leblanc is also an accredited trainer with The Monroe Institute (USA) and she facilitates the renowned Hemi-Sync® workshops, including the flagship Gateway Voyage.  

              Called “something new under the Sun” by author-lecturer John Anthony West, originator of the “Age of the Sphinx” controversy, the Reincarnation Cards® set seeks to deepen the understanding of reincarnation by providing a carefully reasoned metaphysical framework.  The boxed book-and-card set is also described as a “stunning, consciousness-expanding work” by world-renowned transpersonal psychologist Professor Stanley Krippner, in his Foreword to the book.  When reviewing the book-and-card set, Dr. Krippner referred to the Glossary as "an education in itself" and to the boxed set as embodying "an imaginative and novel technique.”

              "Our main purpose for Reincarnation Cards — Awakening Far Memory is to widen the perspective on reincarnation theory by going far, far beyond the often-superficial, sensationalist handling of the subject", Knowles announced at the time of publication. Leblanc spoke further: "We designed the book-and-card set to be both a refresher and an advanced treatment for people already familiar with reincarnation, as well as an attractive introductory gift for those not yet versed in the topic.“

                An intriguing chapter, “Human Origins” offers an overview of frontier research into the mysterious origins of our species - an area of often suppressed study which provides fertile ground for far memory recovery.  The chapter “The Evidence” presents solid scientific as well as anecdotal evidence for reincarnation.  Particular emphasis is laid on the scholarly, worldwide research of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, founder of the Division of Perceptual Studies, Department of Psychiatric Medicine, at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA.  Dr. Stevenson, known worldwide for his research on reincarnation and survival after death, was the author of over 300 publications, including 14 books

                Conducted in accord with the strictest scientific protocol, Dr. Stevenson's research demonstrates beyond all reasonable doubt not only that young children often remember past lives but also that reincarnated individuals can, and often do, carry over into the new incarnation actual physical evidence of trauma suffered in immediately preceding embodiments. 

                This self-directed research tool enables users independently to gain an insight into who they really are.  Suitable for readers and researchers of any age or background, it is an ideal gift for anyone of an inquiring mind that is open to a message that is far older than the pyramids, yet as new as tomorrow.

Available in the USA:  New Leaf Distributors, Amazon

In UK:  Gazelle Books, Amazon

In Cyprus:  Ger Maa Publishers, germaa@spidernet.com.cy

For further information:  www.reincarnationcards.com      ISBN 13: 978-9963-667-00-0