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Feedback from Readers of Reincarnation Cards


  1.  “I had really interesting results with them.  For the first five days I used them, no matter how much I shuffled them I got the same cards each day!  Whoa!  That was telling me something.  It got me thinking seriously about the feelings I get in certain places, periods of history that intrigue me, geological places that draw me, for example, volcanoes.”

                  - S.S. (Canada) June 2009
  2.  “I have read the introduction of the Reincarnation Cards and I find it very interesting.  Specifically, there are a lot of true meta information condensed in meaningful sentences.”

                  - P.H. (Cyprus), December 2007
  3. I just finished reading all the information prior to the card descriptions and found it very interesting.  I am a huge Eckhart Tolle fan … so I loved the quote you had from him at the beginning of the book.  In fact all the quotes were great.  I really enjoyed the bibliography as it will give me some new titles to explore.  A great job on the book and cards.  They are very well done.  The cards are really intriguing and I think they are beautifully designed.  I have done the cards once and I really did resonate with them.”

                  - K.S. (Canada), Nov. 2007
  4. “Hope your book takes off properly – everyone who has seen it is fascinated!”

                  - R.R. (Scotland), Sept. 2007
    5.  “First I want to compliment you on the Reincarnation Cards. I read the intro and the ending and the material really makes sense.  I have a problem when people ask me if I ‘believe’ in past lives because of the question of time - I don't think we understand what the past is - all is now as you so rightly said. I like the imagery of waves on an ocean, we are all one. What you say is really in alignment with my understanding of how things are, knowing that my understanding is limited. But I'm always willing & hoping to push the limits! I think the cards will be a good tool to at least play with the limits if not take things to a new level of understanding.  Thank you!

                  - F.P., (Cyprus), April 2007
  1. “I found this book to be very informative and totally enjoyed using the cards to research past embodiments.  I used my pendulum on each card.  Incredibly my occupation card was always the first to come up and my environment card always the last.  Additionally, I would go thru the entire stack each time and only five cards would move my pendulum.  By the sixth time this was really amazing me.  I found significant insights into my own ‘bits of mystery’ and will no longer wonder why up to this point I’ve never liked the idea of using my kayak with a spray skirt or rolling it!”

                  -D.C. (USA), April 2007
  2. “Wow.  The book is so amazing!  I am reading through as I use the cards and your writing is just so beautiful.  It’s like a major history lesson pouring through it.  I like some of the information brought through from the images on the cards … like the growth card … nice.  Last night I used them in two ways.  One is that I have a recurring problem that shows up big time. I feel as though I did some minor thing ‘wrong’ and I am terrified that I have harmed large masses of people, irreparably.  It’s bizarre and unfounded.  But it is present in my consciousness.  So I used the cards, asking what lifetime was the source of this fear.  I think I got helpful clarify when I pulled my five cards.  Then I did a reading on my current lifetime gifts, where they came from and what is my theme in this lifetime for using them.  Once again, very helpful info.”

                  - M.P. (USA), March 2007
  3. “The Reincarnation Cards arrived today and they are splendid! Very innovative!  Whether you take reincarnation literally or metaphorically, the cards are quite unique and can teach you a great deal about your present mythology.”

                  - S.K. (USA), March 2007 
  4. “Your book has definitely had an influence on my thoughts and consciousness during this creative process (for an artist’s entry for an international art competition).  Thank you.”

                  - J.M.P. (USA), August 2006
  5. “The introduction is great and the cards look very interesting.  The cards look beautiful and the illustrations on the cover of the book are great. I definitely get the bit about why would we go to war as we would all be fighting ourselves.  I have always thought that we are all part of a bigger entity or whatever/consciousness, but just don’t know it yet.  ”

                  - C.L. (Canada), Oct. 2006

  6. “The website looks fantastic!  Bravo!  I truly hope it will be immensely successful.  It certainly seems to be a most unique and one-of-a-kind product.  The art work on the cards really looks good. “

                  - J.M. (Canada) Oct. 2006