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All about the Book, Cards and the whole Set
All about the Reincarnation Cards, the book, Awakening Far Memory and the Set. The 61 tarot like cards come complete with with the book Awakening Far Memory in a gift quality hard box. Evoking a far memory is like having a tarot reading..

The Set

The complete set consists of the book Awakening Far Memory and the 5 categories of Reincarnation cards, 61 in total, inside a presentation box. (Available for purchase only as a boxed set).

The Book - Awakening Far Memory

The Book is 204 pages, casebound, cloth covered, sewn binding, acid free paper 5.5 ins x 7.5 ins. The book has an extensive Bibliography and full details on each card. (You cannot buy the book separately).

Reincarnation Cards

The 61 tarot like laminated cards are divided into 5 categories (Occupation, Theme, Environment, Termination and Culture),  that depict all aspects of life. The colourful cards measure 3.75 ins by 5.5 ins. The cards are shrink-wrapped in two stacks inside the box. (You cannot buy the cards separately).

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The set of 5 cards
environment cards culture cards termination cards theme cards occupation cards

                Environment                         Culture                         Termination                         Theme                         Occupation